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Interior design with Primex Solutions

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There were times when a Lightbox or an Aluminium-Frame were only used for advertisement. By now, the products have reached the interior design sector and thereby created new dimensions of application and effect.

Frames and Light-elements for interior architecture

For interiors, individuality is a central factor. Aluminium frames for textile prints provide the ideal screen for creative, individual design. The frames are slim and elegant and hold themselves back to set the focus on the printed motif. The size and format are bespoke, so the frames fit in every place. They can be used single- or double-sided, free standing, wall mounted, or however it fits in the room design.

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Thanks to the rubber piping system, the textile prints can be exchanged easily and thus adapted to new colour concepts. The textile print is characterized by brilliant colours and a high-resolution printing quality. Environmentally-friendly, water-based inks are used in the printing process.

Complementing the frame with LED technology not only increases the impact of the printed image. Depending on the light concept, including light-temperature, brightness and controlling of the LEDs, light supports our well-being, health and biorhythm.

Primex Solutions: Primex Frames

A Light-Wall in entrance- or reception-areas welcomes guests and visitors. Light-Ceilings open the roof above our heads, the room appears larger. Warm light in private rooms or bars creates a pleasant atmosphere, while cold light fits into puristic, modern areas.

Primex Solutions: Cascina Lobby

Light-elements can also be used as a ‘window’ to create a beautiful view in small, dark rooms. Complemented with a manual dimming, the brightness can be adapted individually to the desired atmosphere. Using a daylight-analogue dimming supports the day-night rhythm, e.g. for hospitals.

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To support our biorhythm a dynamic lighting can be used as well in offices. In the morning or after lunch, bright and cold light is activating and improves concentration. In the afternoon, warm light can be used to make the employees feel comfortable.

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As you see, the application areas of light-elements and its positive effects are very versatile. Good light concepts are able to make our everyday-life more pleasant and everyone can benefit from it.

Acoustic elements optimize the room acoustics

To create a good room atmosphere, next to the lighting, the room acoustics plays an important role. Modern materials and hard surfaces such as glass, concrete and metal cause a high reverberation. This is heard as an ‘echo’ which makes it hard to concentrate or relax. Especially in offices, this is a main reason for concentration lapses, stress, and stress-induced complaints.

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Acoustic elements made of aluminium frames combine the flexibility in size and design with the highest sound absorption class for an ideal room atmosphere. The frame is filled with an acoustic material which absorbs the sound instead of reflecting it. This lowers the reverberation time and thereby supports the well-being, concentration and health.
The elements can be implemented as Acoustic Pictures for wall mounting, as Ceiling Panels or as Room Dividers to separate spaces from each other optically and acoustically.

Aluminium Systems development

Next to the versatile options for interior design, the classic frames and lightboxes for retail and event also went through a development. The systems are even bigger and thinner, are curved, can be used as modular systems for exhibitions, with magnetic solutions for the product presentation or can be combined with digital signage elements. But also the effect of creating a pleasant light and acoustic became more and more important for stores and shops.

A good atmosphere enlarges the visiting time of customers and influences their buying behavior in a positive way – so the investment pays off very fast.

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