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Get the best from your textile markings

 Kirjoittaja / writer: Léa Mondon, Marketing Manager Chemica France

Transfer films are the perfect solution for amateurs and professionals with lots of great ideas for low-volume, low-cost, custom textile decorations!

Find out how to get the best from your technique using the GIFTS method – the gold standard that will give your flocking applications the golden touch.

Adopt the 'GIFTS' method:


1. Know your GARMENTS textile:

Which textile substrate are you using?

This is the all-important starting point for any type of marking. You can create anything, from T-shirts to tote bags, rainwear, sports tops, caps, etc, but the end determines the means. Knowing your textile material is vital if you want to get the marking right.

2. Choose the right IDEAL FLEX:

If you flock-print sports tops, use an anti-resublimation flex. For infant bodysuits, use Oekotex class 1 pure-cotton flex. If it’s fashion T-shirts, go for a patterned or special effects flex.

You get the idea - there are a lot of factors that drive your choice of flex: the textile material, the design you want to use, quality certification, and the equipment available (plotter size, number of blades, etc).

For help making the right choice, refer to each product’s technical sheet or ask your retailer for advice.

3. Know how to adjust the TRANSFER SETTINGS:

You’ve got your textile, flex and machines, and you’re all set. Stop!
There’s one last important point: the settings!

The path to successful marking is long and narrow every step of the way. Nothing can be left to chance, from setting the plotter and the press, positioning the design, and peeling hot or cold, which is why it’s important to follow the recommendations for each product closely!

Getting these steps right is a sure-fire way to become a print-perfect marking pro!

Did you know?

How is it better? - You can skip GIFTS step 2!

Chemica, the French heat-transfer film manufacturer, has created the HOTMARK REVOLUTION all-purpose flex!

It can be applied to any textile: cotton, nylon, polyester and similar fibres.

Now you can skip GIFTS step 2! 

It can be applied quickly or at low temperature, and the polyester can be peeled hot or cold. Give it a try!

As with any flex, however, it’s very important that you heed the instructions on the technical sheet.

Hotmark Revolution lets you adapt your settings:
  • Quick marking →140°C -5 seconds (cotton and polyester only)
  • Marking Nylon→140°C -20 seconds
  • To prevent resublimation and/or to press at low temperature →120°C -20 seconds

You’ve got the textile, the flex and the technical sheets. 
Do your thing!

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