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Partnering with the Right Manufacturer Takes the Pain Out of Advertising Displays

Kirjoittaja / writer:  Gustaf Redin, CEO Re-Board Technology AB

Our Art Deco Re-board® Display at FESPA 2018

Anyone who has set up a display stand knows that it can be a tedious and time-consuming job. In today’s market, eye-catching design is essential. But if you have used the wrong partner or the wrong material, getting your stand right becomes next to impossible. Between the hassle of design and assembly, it becomes tempting to forget about your next trade fair or point of sales stand altogether.

Even if you do go ahead with a display made from a conventional material like plastic, your team will be left to disassemble your display at the end of a long day. They will spend a lot of time taking your display apart, often damaging it in the process. This leaves you with a pile of unusable waste – often unrecyclable plastic. You may even get some disapproving looks from potential clients as you throw out what, only hours ago, was a functioning display stand.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to advances in materials and design, the next generation of advertising displays are more impressive, sustainable, user-friendly and effective than ever. When made from the right material, breath-taking advertising displays can be assembled and disassembled in a flash. What’s more, they can often be reused many times before they need to be recycled. Realising the potential for cost savings, sustainability and efficiency, printers and brands alike are on the hunt for the manufacturing partners who make this possible.

The Sustainability Challenge for Printers

Brands are calling on printers to demonstrate they can offer solutions that are unique, memorable, and environmentally responsible. The challenge posed by environmental concerns brings with it an exciting opportunity for the print industry. Printers are now using design and ecology to increase profitability.

This direction is being driven by customers. Across all industries, brands of every size are specifying the use of innovative materials with lower environmental impact. Close to two thirds of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive in today’s market. Brands are not just paying lip-service to environmental issues, but demanding sustainably sourced resources, green accreditations, and recyclable materials.

The business case for this is strong. A robust study by Unilever reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. As a result, an estimated €966 billion opportunity exists for brands that make their sustainability credentials clear. Printers are seizing this opportunity, opening new lines of revenue by offering innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions to their customers. The printers of tomorrow are working collaboratively with their customers on packaging, display and transportation.

Access to Inspirational Design

Of course, all this technological innovation would be useless if the designs for the new displays weren’t keeping up with the times. If brands want to create a lasting impression on consumers, they need to take advantage of the cutting-edge designs which are only made possible by using the latest materials. Therefore, manufacturers are being called on to provide access to innovative designs.

This tree made from Re-board® turns an exhibition stand into an oasis

At Re-board Technology, we give our partners access to our exclusive Design Library. This database houses thousands of unique completed projects from successful campaigns by leading global brands. Because we provide this service, our clients and partners can instantaneously select and produce sophisticated, inspirational designs.

User-Friendly Sustainable Displays with Re-board®

It is crucial to use materials which meet the rising demand for sustainability and design. Re-board®, the original innovative, sustainable rigid paperboard, is uniquely suited to this purpose. Thanks to its engineered fluted core, it is strong, light-weight, durable, and easy to assemble and disassemble. What’s more, Re-board® is FSC certified and recyclable as paper.

Beyond its green credentials, using Re-board® has unique logistical benefits. Re-board® is lighter than plastic, so savings can be made on transport. This in turn translates to a lower carbon footprint. Our partners find that the resource efficiency achieved with Re-board® is a big money-saver. After all, why throw away money on a single-use product when you can invest in something that is reusable?

No longer content with wasting precious time and materials, printers and brands are looking to the solutions of the future. By working with the right manufacturing partner, printers and brands can enjoy the benefits of the latest innovations in advertising displays. This is what will make them – and their displays – stand out from the crowd.

Two people dismantled our FESPA 2018 stand in two hours, leaving just a pile to reuse or recycle

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Gustaf Redin
CEO, Re-Board Technology AB