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Roland Eco-Sol MAX2 inks - what the users want!

Kirjoittaja: Stephanie Fosburg Andersen / Roland DG

Rolandin hajuttomilla ekoliuotinväreillä värikkäitä mainoksia sisälle ja ulos

If you are looking for exciting and dramatic visuals, Roland’s eco-solvent Eco-Sol MAX2 inks are the answer.


The Eco-SOL MAX 2 inks boast an incredibly fast drying time, a wide color gamut and great durability. You can produce high quality POP/POS displays, banners, posters, labels, interior décor, garment decoration, vehicle wraps and window graphics that stand the test of time and keep your customers coming back for more.

Award winning inks


Ulkokesto: laminoimattomana 3v
The Eco-Sol MAX 2 won the European Digital Press (EDP) award in the Best New Generation Solvent Ink Technology category at the EDP Association's ceremony held at FESPA 2013.

There are many reasons why the EDP judges selected Eco-Sol MAX 2 as the winner; The ink is easy to use, the harmful substances in the formulation has been reduced and of course because of the outstanding print quality the ink delivers.

"This is just what the users want," the judging panel stated in its evaluation.

Bring your prints to life 


Eco-Sol MAX2 comes in nine colors with the addition of a light black ink. The light black color ensures uniform grey scale gradations, which improves the stability of skin tones and other natural tints in your prints. This enables you to create beautiful prints that truly come to life, regardless of what you are printing.

Vaalealla mustalla värillä saat valokuvantarkkaan kuvaasi neutraalin harmaan, portaattomat harmaansävyiset liukuvärit ja luonnolliset ihon sävyt.

Make it shine


If metallic ink colors fit your printing needs, you can create more than 500 metallic colors using the metallic silver. The new generation of metallic ink contains more reflective pigments, which gives you more shiny colors. 

The composition of the white ink was also changed. The opacity is significantly higher, which greatly improves the brightness of the text and images.

Upeita, kestäviä kuvia ajoneuvomainontaan 
Eco-Sol MAX2 is available in a wide range of colors, it is extremely stable and it dries quickly. The density of this ink is very good, which means that ink consumption is limited. 

The ink is colorfast for three years without a laminate when used outdoors. And what's more, with this ink, you can print a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.

Protect the environment

Lastly, we can mention, that the inks are safe and easy to use as well as virtually odorless.

They have been certified by the globally recognized GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which have the mission of protecting human health and quality of life by improving indoor air quality and reducing chemical exposure.

The inks were certified because they pass the world’s strictest standards for low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into indoor air.

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Stephanie Fosburg Andersen 
Roland DG North Europe A/S